September 29, 2011
Cable company a la carte plan is more like a bait-and-switch | ITworld

Yes, that’s the solution.  Make all the stuff people WANT to watch premium.  I’m surprised they didn’t think of this before.  Also, I will re-cut the cord the moment they pull this kind of shit.

By putting high-cost and low cost channels in one bundle, cable companies are subsidizing the small channels – independent voices whose point of view would disappear from public discussion if not for the public-spirited support of Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon and other companies famous for their generosity toward customers (they don’t actually use a gun when they hold you up for your subscription fees every month).

Now they want to reverse that, with no real rationale other than to increase profits, leaving all the me-too channels in the bundles so customers have to buy things they don’t want and putting the slightly more expensive channels in an additional tier of semi-premium channels for which they can charge separately.

This is how Jerry Kent, CEO of cable provider Suddenlink, which has 1.3 million subscribers, described the goal to Reuters: “We feel that some of those expensive channels should be offered a la carte so only those people who want to watch them actually pay for them.”

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